How I Easily Relieved My Hair Loss Alopecia At 60 Years Old After Decades Of Hair Growth Struggles

August 6th, 2021 | BY LAUREN BUTLER

From a young age I was always told that 'bald spots ran in the family' and that 'black hair doesn't grow' so I never had much hope for my hair..

And as I got older it got worse and worse and really started taking a toll on my physical, mental and financial health..

Getting out of bed for work everyday was a battle because I felt like all anyone saw when they looked at me were my bald spots.. 

It felt like my self-confidence got lower as each day went on.. 

I tried everything to manage my condition – dermatologists, doctors, prescription medicines, expensive shampoos – you name it.. 

Nothing worked for me. 

But I was so desperate for a solution, that I was close to having an expensive hair implant surgery that I couldn't even afford, which I was told only had a 50/50 chance of working long-term and might even make my hair loss even worse. 

Deep down inside – I was terrified and didn’t know what to do.

However, a few days prior to make the decision on the $7,000 surgery, a friend let me in on this little-known secret. 

She had just come back from a 3-month backpacking trip in Africa, and filled me in on her adventures as we chatted over lunch. 

She explained that she spent her time exploring and getting to know the cultures of the many rural villages. 

And while she was exploring she came across the

Basara Arab Women who regularly grow their hair up to 4 feet or all the way down to their hips 😱

What Was Their Secret?

From a young age these women keep their hair covered in a natural paste made from plants local to their area. 

It's called Chebe. 

The nutrients in this paste stimulates growth and drastically reduces breakage. 

She explained to me that this growth wasn't genetic and that the areas of their hair where the paste isn't applied - don't grow anywhere close in length. 

While she was there, they even let her try some and she showed me pictures of how quickly it grew her hair, even in her trouble areas. 

She told me the only part she didn't like about Chebe was how messy it was. 

To get the results she got, you have to keep your hair covered in the paste nearly 24/7 and how most women aren't going to be able to do that because of work and other commitments. 

But luckily for me she stumbled across a small black-owned company that had a hair growth formula with the exact same nutrients and vitamins as the Chebe paste she used and isn't messy at all. 

Introducing Allurium Hair Growth Serum...

This company has developed an affordable and effective way for every black woman to enjoy the benefits of this amazing hair growth remedy. 

And over 40,000 black women, even ones suffering from severe hair loss conditions like alopecia, LOVE how this amazing products helps their hair grow without all the mess like the traditional Chebe paste. 

How Does It Work?

Research shows that the #1 reason black women suffer from hair loss is due to various conditions that cause inflammation in the scalp area. 

And an inflamed scalp strangles your hair follicles. Causing your hair to get less blood circulation and important nutrients. 

Which leads to severe hair loss, slow growth, bald spots and invisible edges. 

Allurium Hair Growth Serum
not only contains Chebe but this formula also contains 30 other natural ingredients that are clinically proven to not just reduce inflammation but also give your hair other nutrients to help you grow longer, stronger and healthier hair quicker! 

All you have to do is, once a day, apply it to your trouble areas like your edges or your bald spots and massage it for a minute or two.

How Can I Trust That This Will Work For Me?

Because Allurium Hair Growth Serum was created by a black woman who once suffered from hair loss herself, she knows what it's like to be our shoes. 

So she offers a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee on ALL purchases, so if you don't see growth within 90 days, you get ALL your money back. No questions asked. 

So it's basically risk-free!

AND these happy client stories really gave me hope that it would work for me. 

"I’ve only been using for a Month or two. Hair is healthy, long and hair growth in my temples. I’m telling any and everyone who’ll listen. I Love this product." 
- Dezrae A. (Happy Customer)
"So far so good and I am so thankful. I really have tried everything after braids that left me edge less. I thought I had scarred my follicles but with this oil I’m already seeing results. Started using 2/22, checked for results 3/21!" 
- Barbara A.(Happy Customer)
"So I love this product! Due to many sew ins, my edges had become very thin and to be honest just weren't there. With just two weeks of using just the oil I have definitely seen an improvement! Plus it makes my hair incredibly soft! I will be ordering this product again. Thank you!
- Bri A.(Happy Customer)
"I was always bald here since I was a kid and now I’m 63... I started seeing a difference within 3 weeks of using your Hair Serum I was so shocked that I started crying... I also ordered my step daughter 3 bottles of it, this hair growth is a miracle...I love it and the smell of it smells really good you guy’s are the best and I hope this review will help someone else who has doubt about using it you all need to get this hair growth serum it’s awesome.
- LaTonya W. (Real Customer)

What Happened Over The Next 60 Days Changed My Life Forever And It Can Do The Same For You...

Are you ready to take the next step to grow longer, thicker, stronger hair?

Ordering online can be hit or miss sometimes. But Allurium Beauty offers a 90 day trial! 

I was shocked to find out their unbelievable guarantee...

"If I didn't see growth in 90 days (or less) I'll get a full refund..."

And I can keep the Allurium Hair Growth Serum! No questions asked.

That way there's zero risk on my shoulders when buying. Plus no hassle to refund the item. 

What did I have to lose? Nothing.

So I went ahead and ordered mine and it came pretty fast.

But make sure you order from the official Allurium Hair Growth Serum website. That way you know you’re getting the best quality product, the most trustworthy shipping and an unbeatable guarantee in case something happens with your order or you don't like it.

In fact, I ordered multiples bottles for my friends and girls in my family. They're getting jealous that my hair is growing so well lately and have been trying to take my bottles 😂. I recommend you do the same, get 3 or more and you'll even save a few bucks. 

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